Michael Jordan, NBA legend and Charlotte Bobcats owner, Mandy Patinkin, The Princess …

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NoThe first step in solving a problem is admitting its existence. You try to think of something to say, anything at all, but the images and stories are too vivid and too horrible. So many things come to mind at once. It had to have been one of those damn strangers you had with you on your long car ride. It had to be one of those damn strangers who was supposed to be there, but wasnt. Your voice is a bit stronger than you wanted it to be, but you think it would be best for you not to make this more difficult than it should be. They just might need your help to do it. You sit up to look at your phone still clutching it in your hand. The screen shows another photo, which has been sent to you, as well as a message. You sigh again as you try to remember, trying to piece it all together in your head. You reach over to your bag and pull out a notebook, turning to the first page of the first page of the notebook to begin your memory. January 1st 2012This is definitely the day it had to be. It had to be, otherwise, there would be no point in sending you a message asking for your help. But then, you are so used to everything being strange. You are sure that this must be what it was like when Diana died. You are sure of this because you have been there before. You have been there before, and you have tried to live life as normal as possible, as normal as it had ever been. You had left everything behind and went off to college alone. And you still havent really come to terms with.

Article about Celebrities that live in charlotte nc

celebrities that live in charlotte nc