Miami Heat's Erik Spoelstra Believes ATL Shooting Was Racially Motivated, 'Breaks My Heart'

Erik Spoelstra — the only Asian-American head coach in the NBA — ain’t buying the notion that the massacre in ATL wasn’t racially motivated … and he’s really pissed off about it.

The Miami Heat head coach — who’s of Filipino descent — sounded off during a media session Friday … saying the shooting incident which claimed 8 lives is nothing short of “sickening.”

“Look, I’m Asian-American, I’m proud to be Asian-American, and seeing what’s happening with another outright form of racism and hatred really is sickening,” Spoelstra said … “It breaks my heart.”

There is some controversy over the suspected motive — officials say 21-year-old Robert Long has admitted to opening fire at 3 Asian-run spas in the Atlanta area, killing 8 people … but he told authorities the incident was more about his “sex addiction” than racism.

6 of the 8 victims are Asian — and leaders in the Asian community are saying the attack was CLEARLY racially motivated.

Add Spoelstra to the list of people not buying what Long is selling.

“You have to see that this is wrong. It’s heartbreaking and this shows you where we are,” Spoelstra continued.

“There is hatred abundantly still out there and people feel empowered to attack the Asian community … and I just pray in my heart that this can stop.”

As we previously reported, the L.A. Lakers and the Atlanta Hawks honored the victims with a moment of silence before Thursday night’s games.

LeBron James has also spoken out against the shooter — calling him a “coward ass young man.”

Long is currently in custody — being held in county jail without bond — and he’s already been charged with 8 counts of murder.

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