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You look at the color description and look again at your hair. You have to admit, it does look a little dark and quite messy. You give it some light stylingYou grab that small, flat comb you found near the sink and give your hair a little detangling. It feels surprisingly nice when you hold the comb in your hands. You think you have the color straightened out now, but you really have not looked at your reflection in the mirror yet. You have just been concentrating on your task at hand. You will have to do some serious styling tomorrow when you see the photographer. As you reach back to turn on the water faucet, you spot the photographer on the other side of the doorway. You think you have just managed to make eye contact and he is looking right at you. He is also moving his head from side to side a bit, perhaps looking for something, but you have to be very careful about turning off the water. Oh yes, I see you have the proper color. He says, as he looks at you over his shoulder. He is a big guy, maybe ten or eleven years younger than you, with thick glasses, a goatee, and in a suit. He has a camera with him, but you only just now noticed that it has a fancy focusing ring on the side. So, are you taking pictures of the next group of little girls. He starts to walk past you, still looking at you as you quickly get the water turned off. Taylor, yes, the man says as he turns to see you once more. Well, that makes you the model on the first page of the article, he says. You are not sure how this man knows what you are doing, but he seems to be very interested. You do not really know how the man can even be in the position he is in, but it does not appear like he is going to get out of it anyway. You say Im sorry, but I do not think your question is that important. He looks a bit disappointed, but he returns to his work with a bit of a sigh.

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celebrities with auburn hair