Meghan Markle was under microscope after joining infamous Royals, Katherine Ryan says

National Comedy Awards: Katherine Ryan’s acceptance speech

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Meghan Markle, 40, has split opinions since she married Prince Harry in 2018, with some criticism happening when the couple stepped back as senior members. Katherine Ryan has spoken exclusively to about her opinion on Meghan and what she believes is at the root of the negative criticism Meghan receives.

You’re under the microscope.

Katherine Ryan

Katherine takes a lot of time to make sure feminism is a large part of her career as a comedian and opportunities are given to others in her field.

She has previously praised Meghan for being so open about her miscarriage during the Oprah Winfrey interview, having suffered from one herself the year before. asked Katherine why she thinks Meghan is so heavily criticised and whether it had anything to do with her position as a woman.

She revealed: “I think when you join such an infamous family, then you’re under the microscope.

“I think that anyone, certainly any woman who deviates from what is expected of them is going to face criticism.

“So I certainly think that I love Meghan Markle’s voice and her confidence to challenge the norm and what’s expected of her in that role.”

Katherine then tried to get to the catalyst of Meghan’s hatred but struggled to find a pinpoint.

She continued: “Equally anytime that you challenge an idea people are going to come after you.

“So, I mean I’m not exactly sure what makes her such a target, but I think it’s her confidence in challenging the shape of what a woman in that role should like, which is someone who wears stockings.

“Someone who covers their shoulders, someone who follows the rules.

“I feel like I would find it very challenging being real because many of us couldn’t fit into those constraints very easily.

“It would feel like a real infringement on your sense of personal freedom.”

She concluded: “So, I don’t understand why people feel so aggravated by that, I think it’s a great challenge and things evolve.”

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