Meghan Markle & Prince Harry: SLAMMED By Brits For Skipping Prince Philipss Memorial Service!

If you spend any time reading tabloids or scrolling through social media, then we probably don’t need to tell you that there’s a lot of hate and rage out there, and a shocking amount of it is directed at Meghan Markle.

Of course, the Duchess of Sussex can take solace in the fact most of the vitriol is coming from a small number of haters who are working hard to create the impression that she’s widely reviled.

A recent study from analytics firm Bot Sentinel confirmed that Meghan has been the target of a coordinated harassment campaign on Twitter.

The organization examined over 114,000 tweets and concluded that 70 percent of the anti-Meghan invective originated from just 83 accounts.

Several of those accounts were associated with Samantha Markle, who is currently suing Meghan, seemingly in response to being exposed as the Duchess’ number one troll.

Samantha’s motives are murky and complex, and delving into them would mean devoting more time and attention to her warped psyche than we’re willing to give.

But the British media’s Meghan fixation is quite easy to understand:

Meg and Harry-bashing is a booming business in the UK, and there’s no easier way to rack up the clicks than to post a salacious headline that contains some wild allegation about the couple.

The latest nonsense concerns the Sussexes absence from Prince Philip’s service of thanksgiving.

Now, unlike an American Thanksgiving, there was no turkey or stuffing at the event, so it makes sense that Harry and Meghan couldn’t be bothered to make the trip.

We kid!

It’s okay to joke about this thing, as Philip was literally 99 years old, and this is approximately the 47th memorial event that the royals have hosted in his honor.

That might be one reason that the Sussexes felt comfortable sitting this one out.

The main reason, however, is that Harry requested a security detail for his family, and the Queen shot him down.

After an affront like that, it makes perfect sense that Harry and Meghan would decline to make the intercontinental journey with their two young children in tow.

But of course, the British spewers of hot takes are acting like the decision is completely baffling.

“Harry must have known it would look petulant and rude. And if he did not Meghan would have,” said journalist Ingrid Seward, according to UK tabloid The Daily Mirror.

“The wall of silence was as loud as if they had shouted from the abbey rafters. The normally verbose duke and duchess of Sussex said nothing.

Royal biographer Angela Levin echoed the criticism.

“He is such a changed person, it is difficult to know if he will even regret not attending,” she said of Harry in an interview with The Sun.

“The Harry I interviewed was caring and kind and instinctive. Nowadays, he is so full of resentment and ‘me me me,'” Levin continued.

“He doesn’t seem to have any broader range to care about things unless they are things impacting him and Meghan.

“Many royals from abroad made the effort, yet Harry’s pathetic excuse is that he didn’t feel safe. The police would have had it completely covered. The royal children were all there, the heirs to the throne, so it just doesn’t make any sense that the protection wouldn’t be there.’

Also chiming in was Richard Griffin, who spent 14 years as a royal protection officer for Prince Philip.

“Prince Philip was their grandfather so William has obviously had a great training from him and is going to learn examples from him. I just hope Harry gets some of these things in his mind,” Griffin remarked.

“It [Harry not being here] was a big disappointment for everybody. People were talking about it. Certainly around where I was people were saying he should have been here. 

“All this nonsense about how he couldn’t get protection, as far as I’m concerned that was a pathetic excuse. He should’ve been here to honour his grandfather,” he continued.

“At the end of the day, if he was that worried about security, he could’ve stuck with his brother and father who have got wonderful security and he would have been more than safe.”

Of course, it would have been equally easy for the royals to simply employ a slightly larger security detail in order to help Harry and Meghan feel safe.

But there’s no money in nuanced takes or presenting both sides of an argument, and so, the British tabloid press continues to paint Harry and Meghan as history’s greatest monsters.

We guess it makes sense that they devote so much time to this foolishness.

After all, it’s not like there are much bigger stories unfolding in Europe at the moment.

Oh, wait …

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