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My current job in LA and I can vouch for how much of a goober I am in such a situation. In fact I almost got fired for how terrible I behaved because of this. I really want to meet famous people, and it is also an excuse to talk to girls and get free stuff. I have found that most of the famous people that I have gotten to talk to are either very interesting and talkative, or they were very interesting and talkative, but they are not really that talkative with anyone else and its very awkward. The girl I have talked to has been really great, but it does seem like it takes forever for these conversations to get going. I dont even think the conversation is the best part because it seems like a very long time passes between the times I think we are going to have a conversation, and never see these celebrities ever again. I know I am doing a lot of things right, but my current lifestyle is just not sustainable and it is killing me. As much as I probably look at pictures of the celebrities I want to meet, what really makes me wanna talk to them is the interaction. I have thought about all the random things I could do for these celebs like do a make up test, do a picture test like in the movies to see if I could do it, or some sort of trick or scam to talk to them. I dont know how to do any of the things, and if I did I probably would be too awkward to talk with anyone about it because I would definitely just sound like an idiot and they would totally be scared off. I think I have mentioned how much I love comics, well I can make it up to these famous people by going to a comic con and meeting them through some mutual acquaintance. I thought that they might be kind of strange people who arent going to talk to me, but it turned out a lot easier than I thought and there were some people that I really connected with there. I know a lot of people talk about the negative stuff they can expect to happen, like the creepy people, the creepy cosplayers, and the overall creepy vibe of conventions. A lot of the people there were nice and even made jokes and made jokes. I was really surprised, but I was also like Wow, at least there is a bit of leeway in these conventions. It is still a place where people talk a lot about comics, so that is nice. I have also heard some stories of people being harassed and groped, but I have only seen one incident actually happen. It was a guy that followed me around the con asking me a bunch of awkward questions like what is your name and what city are.

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