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Im not even talking about the fans that like to make fun of celebrities. Im talking about celebrities doing shit thats really really bad. Not to be a dick about it, but Ive always had a bad habit of always making fun of celebs. I think Ill start calling myself the Rude Celebrity Detective or something like that. And I know that youve said before that youve been guilty of making light of celebrities, but I find it pretty odd that youve never admitted to doing it before. I mean you always seem really sympathetic with celebrities, and its sort of hard to understand why. I know that youre just being a really good person in general. I dont think youll do me any favor when we start talking about this if you just kept it to yourself, even if you did do it once before. My name is Robert, and this is my brother John, and we live in the same town as mom and dad. Mom and Dad dont really speak to us. They talk all the time about themselves, and I think they kind of resent our presence. It was the first time we went camping out by ourselves. Dad was sick, so Mom had to take over, but were really looking forward to going back to doing that. Well, I think we can make it on foot. We could go to Fort Sill which is pretty close if we get back on the same day or maybe later in the week. I think if we take Monday off, we could drive to Texas and New Orleans in a week or so. I could see us going into one of those big cities over summer. Well, theres probably a lot of work to be done to get this place where wed like it to be one day. I see a lot of ways we can use this place, and get ourselves out of a lot of debt. I probably should go see a psychiatrist or something to get myself out of this rut Im in.

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