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According to Jerry, Pierce Brosnan is the rudest comedian he has ever met. According to Corden, Pierce Brosnan is a pudgy, awkward, uncoordinated, drunken, unimpressed, and a-hole. You tell them a story about how you met your boyfriendYou think hed be a lot more interested in a new one, you ask him Tell us a little about how you met your boyfriend. You thought for a moment about how a few years ago you were more open about your personal life, so you took him off guard by asking Tell us a little more. He started to say Well I was working on a construction site and we were both drunk, I got up from my job as it was getting dark and told my co-workers that I was going home. They came back as I was driving and asked if I needed a ride, and I said that I did and they gave me a ride. You ask more about himWell, thats a lot more like you huh. Hes a bit hesitant to answer, so you continue What did you do after that. A bit surprised, he says Well I was doing construction and I worked as a bartender there for a few months but I then decided to go back to college. I did well, but after a few semesters I graduated and I started working at the place that I go to now. You think youre noticing how he seems a little more animated now, so you ask How did all that work out for you. It didnt really, but it worked out I think. You dont really follow his answer so you ask Well what did you do in life. He thinks about it Well my life has been a lot of different things. You notice his body language and body language has changed a bit, hes looking down now, hes not answering you hes just looking down. It starts to become uncomfortable so you ask Whats wrong. He continues to look down, he looks really scared.

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