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A while back, I was asked by my mom if I wanted to buy a CD of the songs of the popular radio station I go to. I was so excited I jumped up like a little girl and started playing it. But I soon realized the songs werent anything like the ones I heard on the radio. I didnt want their songs as long as they were nice. A few months ago, I was told my favorite song was Waking up in the wrong body. I was so excited I started singing every word. The thing is, its not the wrong body that bothers me in the least. And Im not talking about the wrong body as in Im fat. I want to be a normal person who is not ashamed or afraid to be sexy when I want to be. And being happy, and sexy, and healthy is a lot easier to be when I dont feel so damn bad about who I am. We all know that if youre not skinny, then no matter how pretty you look, you wont be able to get the boyfriend. We dont talk about how we are supposed to feel about it if we are skinny and we arent getting into a serious relationship. I dont know if Im just too insecure to make a move on someone with no expectations and no love interest. Or maybe Im just too insecure to even be with someone whos not obsessed with the same thing that I am. But I do know that I can start on the long road of figuring out who I am, and who I want to be, and how I want to feel about myself. I dont want to feel like my body is wrong. I dont want to feel the way I feel when people insult me about my body. And thats it: thats why Im not skinny. The world is seeing a decline in the rates of fertility, marriage, and abortion that has plagued Western societies for the last several decades. As a former Catholic and Catholic-raised, both of my parents are Catholic and thus the Catholic schools I attended my first reaction to the Popes comments regarding a demographic winter was that this was no mere hindsight bias, and that the Pope was saying what everyone else on Planet Earth was thinking but was afraid to say.

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