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Re using your celebrity status to try and hawk Max. T you go buy me a beer. You can get me another one. T want to put up with this, I can fucking go home. T want to be fucking harassed by your fucking agents. S not going to put up with your shenanigans any longer. Jade says as she begins to start walking towards you. You briefly panic and quickly grab your machete and follow behind her. S walking past a mirror, she starts to say something, but you interrupt her. M going to just stand around and let you go on about this. M just going to let you get away with this. At this point Jade starts to turn red and she runs with her hands covered in her hair in an attempt to escape from you. Jade shouts, and she throws the machete at you, which you easily dodge. You keep this up for a bit longer, with Jade continually dodging your attacks, but eventually she loses patience and grabs you and throws you on the ground.

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