Matthew McConaughey Guessing Famous Songs Is a True Delight, Even With His Spotty WiFi

During The Tonight Show on Thursday, Jimmy Fallon challenged Matthew McConaughey to a game of “Off Songs, Song Off,” where you have to guess the name of the popular song being played with a twist. With each round I found myself not focusing on the music (or the spotty WiFi), but instead on Matthew’s reactions — all of which were some form of dance that were absolutely amplified by his outfit choice. It didn’t matter if he was bobbing his head like a chicken, swaying and humming along to the beat of the music, or being peak dad with “the finger point,” he did everything with absolute joy. There was even a ridiculous giggle involved. You can see the full video above, and trust me, his story at the end about Joan Jett’s Louisiana bayou concert is well worth the watch.

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