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Meet the contestants and gain an insight on yourself and future. You also notice theres a picture of a woman that appears to be nude and is captioned A womans nude body is one of the most powerful symbols of femininity and sexuality of all. You look again at the menu, and see that its got more games on it too. A bunch of action type games, some shooting and some racing games, and a bunch of trivia type games. You play a racing gameYou grab the menu again, and pick a racing game. You then turn to look at the screen and see a little bit of something on the track. It starts out with some markings to the left and right. It then gets to small lines from some of the houses. Then it comes up to a speed bump and then up to a flag, the markings are getting larger and smaller but you cant quite make out anything. You watch in fascination as the shapes get larger and then small as some of them disappear and others start to appear inside the buildings. As the shapes get so small that they no longer resemble anything that youve ever seen on a road that your father and mother took you to go on your first road trip. Suddenly the little lines turn into a small curve with a building on the other side. As your eyes focus on it as clearly as they were before, the shape starts to get bigger as you get closer to it. Youre staring at a gigantic, giant, enormous, monstrous, monstrous, monster, monster, monster, monster, monster, monster, monstrous, monster vehicle. Suddenly, through some crazy looking process, the shape gets smaller. Youve never seen anything like it before. The vehicle shrinks and gets smaller until youre looking at a tiny vehicle as if the shape got smaller as you watched it from a far away as it shrank a little at a time. Finally all the tiny pieces of the shape have disappeared and youre left with a view of the whole vehicle, with a view of the road in front of you. You watch it zoom pastYou stare at the vehicle and watch it speed past its previous location and zigzag its way along as the shape shrinks and shrinks and shrinks until youre watching a small car parked next to a huge, huge vehicle. Theres an entire world zooming by as if youre watching them from the back seat of an airplane. Then theres a very loud noise and youre forced to take a hard look around you.

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match game celebrities 2016