Massive Video Monitor Falls & Crushes Dancer During Boy Band Mirror’s Concert In Hong Kong

This is horrifying! A concert in Hong Kong came to a sudden halt this week after a massive video monitor fell onto the stage, crushing one of the dancers!

According to TMZ, the incident happened Thursday night during popular boy band Mirror‘s performance at The Hong Kong Coliseum. Footage of the terrifying moment shows that the wire from one of the heavy screens hanging from the ceiling directly above the stage suddenly broke. And in an instant, the monitor falls and lands on a performer, knocking him on his back and pinning him underneath it. The screen then drops to its side and crushes another dancer. Several performers immediately rushed to help the two while audience members could be heard screaming in the background.

You can watch the scary moment (below), but a quick warning it is pretty graphic:


Local reports noted that at least three people in the show were injured from the collapse. It is unknown if any of the 12 members from Mirror were hurt at this time. As for how those injured are doing, local media also stated that one of them was in serious condition while the other was in stable condition.

We are sending so much light to anyone who was wounded from this horrible accident.

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