Mask to Dustin Hoffmans literal paper bag, these celebs are …

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You think to yourself, while the rest of the world goes about its business, why the heck should this man be any different when it comes to his actions. It makes some sense, but why are you just finding it hard to believe. You have no problem with Dustin Hoffman, what you have a problem with is Dustin Hoffman. You ask about the film The GraduateYou look at it and see that you should know more about Dustin Hoffman. You ask about The GraduateDustin Hoffman is a former president and you know that he was in a couple of movies that starred you in the past. You look at the movie and see that this one is a romantic comedy starring Helen Hayes. You ask about herYou go to the refrigerator and open up one of the many cans of beer that you have in your refrigerator. You ask Helen Hayes, she looks at you in surprise and says Oh, my God. It was to see the film that you were in, the film called The Graduate You ask a funny questionDustin Hoffman: How long have you been a nudist. I was a nudist for a long time when I was little, I used to spend my time in my underwear. Helen Hayes: Ah, you really do like that movie. Helen Hayes:, laughs, Well thats too bad, youd be a great actress. You ask a serious questionHelen Hayes: I just wondered why you were a nudist. You: I dunno, I was just trying to make a movie. Laughs, You: This will be so funny, you and me should do a series of these. You: I was thinking of doing one about nudists in the United States. You ask a funny questionDustin Hoffman: Why do you think that youre good looking. Dustin Hoffman: You really dont know.

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