Marnie Simpson shocked by Charlotte Crosbys pregnancy news: I just cant believe it

Marnie Simpson is weeks away from welcoming her second son into the world with her fiancé Casey Johnson, and while she is counting down until her due date in May, she tells us she is so excited that her Geordie Shore friend Charlotte Crosby is going through the same thing.

The mum of one, 30, reveals in her new exclusive column: "I’ve been waiting for one of the Geordie Shore girls to get pregnant for so long, and I honestly thought it would be Charlotte next. I’m just overwhelmed with happiness for her. It was so nice." Sign up for FREE to be an OK! VIP to read Marnie's full column where she talks about her "unbearable heartburn" and why she's feeling nervous about being a mum of two…

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Hi everyone. How nice is this amazing weather? It’s really putting a smile on my face! Today as I’m writing this, we’re going to Peppa Pig world. We’re all really excited to be spending some family time together.

I haven’t been very well over these past couple of weeks. I am really struggling at the moment. I’m really big now and I’m SO uncomfortable! I’ve also had really bad heartburn. It’s been so unbearable. I can’t even explain it. I haven’t been able to eat or sleep properly – I don’t understand why it’s so bad! I’m really shocked.

They gave me some medication to take, but none of it is working, sadly. All I’ve been doing is eating really plain food, which is so boring. I want to make the most of eating what I want in my last few weeks, but, what can you do?

I feel like I haven’t been great all the way through, but this last hurdle is especially challenging. I am really close to my due date now, so it’s really dragging on! We’re almost there though.

Geordies back together

I recently filmed the Geordie Shore reunion, which was such good fun. Me and Casey went up to Newcastle to film and it was so good to see everyone. I saw people I haven’t seen in years and it was just so nice to catch up with the gang.

It was good hearing about what they’ve all been up to since I last saw them. It brought back so many memories of being with the geordies again.

And obviously, we had the amazing surprise that Charlotte is pregnant! It’s so amazing she’s expecting her first baby. I literally had tears in my eyes when she told us all. I was so shocked, but I’m so happy for her.

I just couldn’t believe it. She deserves this happiness so much. Everyone has wanted Charlotte to have her happy ending and now she’s finally getting it.


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I’ve been speaking to her loads about how she’s finding everything and I think it’s really nice that she can come to me with anything. It’s great that I have another one of us to talk about all of this stuff to.

I’ve been waiting for one of the Geordie Shore girls to get pregnant for so long, and I honestly thought it would be Charlotte next. I’m just overwhelmed with happiness for her. It was so nice.

Birth jitters

Our due date is really close now. I am really excited, but so nervous at the same time. I definitely feel like I was much more prepared last time. I just hope that Rox adjusts well to his new baby brother.

I don’t want him to feel left out or anything and I do worry about that a little bit. Rox has just started back at nursery after the holidays.

They said he’s been doing really well and he’s growing up into the most amazing little boy. He has so much character. He always makes me and Casey laugh and he’s talking all the time.

Egg-cellent Weekend

We had quite a quiet Easter Weekend. We didn’t do much because we’re still waiting for our kitchen to be finished. Rox got so much chocolate, obviously… He had so many Easter eggs, he couldn’t even finish them, so Mummy and Daddy had to help him out a bit, ha!

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