Marilyn Monroe, 1926-1962, Jackson Krecioch, 21…

This article about Celebrities born on june 1

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June 1 Celebrities Born on June 1. You look around at the people around you, who are just as surprised as you were. You shout, jumping at the chance of being a part of this day. You look up, and see several people cheering and clapping as you approach the microphone. You start to walk backwards off the stage. T you be having fun, or at least not getting yourself hurt. S a voice you know too well. You say, and then you fall to the ground. Re a mess on the floor, as the weight of the day, and being at the mercy of a bunch of kids who probably have no idea how to use a microphone, keeps you there. This could be your last day of normalcy as a hero. Or at least your last day as you know it. You remark, taking a cigarette out of your front pocket. You had been trying to quit for quite awhile, but never managed to get it down to an acceptable level. T just putting a lot more effort into culling their forces due to their recent success. T a very important one, but this one might be important. The war with the Felkan Kingdom is at a stalemate, and as you know the Eternal Dominion has been completely decimated.

This article about Celebrities born on june 1

celebrities born on june 1