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But I can tell you that it is not any kind of disease. You dont have Marfan SyndromeYou: No way. You must REALLY want to make me happy or something. Nobody has Marfan Syndrome, were all normal. If anything Id say youre more normal than I am and weve had a bunch of great times together. I mean come on we were together for like four years. You know what, youre right my relationship with you wasnt normal. Anyway, all Im saying is Im going to keep my mouth shut. If you really think Im lying, fine, I wont say anything. Fine, Im going to believe you even if it hurts a little. But Im still saying Im not lying. After a long pause, you and Julie talk and continue talking for another five minutes. You tell Julie a bit about your life and then suddenly you get the urge to touch her. Suddenly she whispers in your ear, Are you sure you want to push your luck. You say YesAll right, here goes. Suddenly Julie turns her head in your direction. You take a deep breath and turn around, ready to confront Julie. She whispers in your ear, Dont push your luck. You tell Julie to goYou: Come on were on a first date. We dont need to do this in the middle of the movie. You: Julie, were going on a first date, we can do what ever the hell we want in the car. But you said youre not lying. It makes perfect sense that were together on a first date, were already so close but it doesnt seem to be working. You: Julie, youre acting pretty crazy.

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