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Celebrities with an average age of 35 or olderCelebrities with an average age of 20 or youngerWhy are there so few 35 year old guys. The average age of men who are currently married is 25. The average age at which men first get married is 21. 8 of men ages 25-29 were married. Men who were married by 30 had a median age of 32. 5, while men who were married by 35 had a median age of 42. Men who never married had a median age of 24. 2, while men with two degrees had a median age of 31. 2 of men in the US older than age 30. 5 of men in the US older than age 30. What about the average age at which women get married. 7 In terms of age at marriage, it seems more men are going to college, and are marrying later, while women are becoming more educated and are marrying later. However, you have to remember that not all 35 single women are going to stay single. Many of these women are likely to have relationships with other women or are otherwise getting a regular job. The other thing to take into consideration are womens fertility habits. Some married women are having babies more rapidly than other women. Of the 35 single women Ive spoken to, all of them report having been pregnant several times. These women may have a variety of reasons, but usually the first time is the best time to be single. The most common reason women give for becoming single is due to becoming parents. Most of these women, regardless of age, have not only found that they have become more active parents, but have also successfully raised their children. It is often stated that having a job has become less necessary for raising kids, and thus fewer women are looking to stay in jobs of their youth and having children. Many of these single women have also learned that a career, whether it be.

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