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These celebrities are the ones youre probably most familiar with. 14 If youre not familiar with any of these people, thats okay, too. They all started out in some type of porn, and in some cases, they made their names in porn. The other thing youre going to find interesting is that one of the biggest industries in America, fashion, has a major presence in the world of porn. The following celebrities worked in both fashion and porn. Model, Actress, and PervIf you could stop all this, you would. You turn off your phone, leaving your room completely in private. D watch TV or something to keep you going until your mother comes home. S voice for the first time in several hours. T you have something important to tell me. You look around your room and see your nightstand has several new photos of each of you and your brother. T seen them since the last time you saw them. You get up and go through your room, looking for anything that might contain your answer. S very difficult to look for a shirt or pair of pants, which is really strange since you normally keep these things very organized. It would seem you were only just now taking care of that aspect of your life. As you go through your closet, you see no clothes of yours in the size you usually wear. T even bother heading to your room. Your mother is lying on the couch, completely drunk.

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female celebrities who did porn