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The top 10 list is pretty interesting, and while youre sure to be the odd guy out, you get the impression there isnt all that much common ground on the bottom six. You stay soberYou realize you arent in the mood for any of this, besides you do have a few questions you want to ask. You dont have any reason to trust this Baldwins you ran into, you wonder if maybe he knows something or has somehow managed to avoid a similar fate. Hes a well-known celebrity, and you assume this must be something the media is trying to pin on your friend. Plus, youre in a hurry anyway, you dont have any time for all this, as you get yourself going, head off the highway and eventually just stop at a restaurant to eat. When you get home, you find that your phone is dead. This means that you will have no one to play you a song after this, but fortunately you have the CD collection, which youre sure to still be able to pick up as an escape from all this. You decide to listen to some of the more pleasant music that you have on your CD, but first you decide to go outside to get a few things off of the couch. There is no reason to go outside, as it isnt your house and if anything this is a bad time for outdoor activities. Then you remember there is a large screen TV on the other side of the patio door, so why not check that out. You continue watching TVOh come on, what will you do then. Youre a recovering alcoholic, why are you so far on the other side of the planet from your nearest liquor stores. After youve watched the TV advertisement for like ten minutes, you turn off the TV and put it down on the coffee table. Then you open your purse and take out your wallet. You find enough money to purchase a bottle of.

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