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A recent studys- findings are being spread all over the world. The worlds most wanted terrorist, the satanically crazed demoniac, the madman whos got an insane plan to seize control of the world and a plan to seize power by using death and terror as a means of getting there, the madman whos been plotting for over sixty years. Are any of these men and women our enemies. What would they say if all the facts were brought out. You ignore the evidenceWhatever the evidence says about Scientology, ignoring it is a lot more damaging than accepting it. The evidence isnt there for you to dismiss it completely. Ve never really had a religious faith until recently. Ve never really encountered any of it before. You spend the next week or two trying to sort out your feelings on the matter. You buy a copy of DianeticsYou decide to buy a copy of Dianetics first. 20 version, You head to a local bookstore and buy the book. You probably spent more than you thought. Re not sure what to expect when you open the book. T really pay any attention to most of the words. You just focus on the pictures that are on the book and try to picture yourself going through the process of Dianetics. It took you a few weeks to start really sinking your teeth into it however when you finally did, you felt like an old soul being given a new lease on life after a long time in a dark.

Article about Scientologist celebrities

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