Many celebrities threatened to move to Canada or another country if Donald …

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Many of them are moving because of the dangerous andworseningstate of affairs and the threat ofTrump Presidency. The Last ManI have come to believe that Trump will be the last American President. I think that we are about to enter a period of chaos unlike anything that we have encountered before. I believe that this administration and the policies it will adopt will result in the loss of life that could fill our small Appalachian towns with bodies. I believe that the war with Islam, which I have been warning about for years, has already started, and is going to get worse. T know about you, but I feel like this time, my vote really will be the difference between survival and utter destruction. T even know what this place is, but get out of here. One of many angry and frustrated citizens of the City in response to the current status of the election. Maker is a very lonely man indeed now. S a loser and the world is a much brighter place today. S a lost cause and he can only get so far with bigotry and ignorance. Maker, and repent before the world burns today.

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list of celebrities leaving the country