Many celebrities threatened to move to Canada or another country if Donald Trump was …

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You cant really blame any of them, its a risky business. You just hope you can find someplace suitable. You have to go to your grandmothers house, where you havent seen her in years. You think that you may have even told her that you were voting for Donald Trump. Shes not a big talker, but she doesnt seem upset with you either. You leave the mall and drive to your grandmothers house, not knowing exactly where youre going to go, but hoping that you wont have to go far. Your grandmothers house seems much different than it used to be. Her house is in worse condition now, since the previous owner, her husband having died, had sold the place and left her house to her grandson. He doesnt appear to have kept in touch with her either. When you enter your grandmothers house, it smells like a mix between mold and mildew. You dont even want to look at your phone in the house, since you know youll look at it while youre in the house. You go straight to the living room where you see a lot of broken furniture, some of it still smeared with blood. You also see your phone on the floor and a couple of magazines lying next to it. You pick up the phone and hear someone at the other end, he sounds like hes from Canada. Dont bother calling me by that fake name, I know who you are, Im talking to you. You feel like youre about to cry because you really want to say that you really ARE glad that you voted for Donald Trump, but youre too scared to say it out loud. You just nod to Brendan and leave the house. Your grandmothers house is in shambles now, not to mention you never want to return there ever. You turn on your phone and immediately get an angry text from your boyfriend. I thought you were smart enough to realize that voting for that disgusting piece of shit wouldnt keep your vagina in the fucking game, now get the fuck outta here before I do something that only death can remove me from. You ignore himBrendan, Ill try to be civil, but dont be.

Article about List of celebrities leaving the country

list of celebrities leaving the country