Many celebrities go from being rich and famous to being involved …

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Bissinger a very good journalist who regularly publishes a book about celebrities. Gebbie a very good writer who publishes his work here, and at The New. By Bryan Sanderstine, a very good photojournalist, You take a breath and think back to what you should write. You have a big mansion on a large lot and a very pretty wife. In fact, you never had much money, but you at least had a mansion, an attractive wife and a good job. Then one day, your wife threw you out of the house. It seemed like this was just part of a divorce settlement. You were still legally married to her, and she was still his wife. But your relationship with her was now over. A few months later, she got a new job, she is a receptionist for one of those Internet service providers. You cant believe how things have changed Her job was to help customers like you, people who dont have much money, but they still need some basic things like cable TV or Internet. She made you feel like youre part of the important people when you had that one phone call with her. But it was only until one day that something happened. You were able to put a few things into a savings account. A few months later, you had enough to get a sub-prime auto loan and get a new truck. A few months after that, you had enough to get a second set of credit cards and max out both of them. A few months after that, you had enough to replace your car, which you were now forced to get a used one and pay a couple hundred dollars for it. You were spending every single dime you had and you werent even saving anymore. And it wasnt like you were making money. You were getting no tips at your job, no money for the car you used to drive and no more of those expensive credit cards. You thought you were having fun, but you werent anymore. Then one day you just snapped. You decided that if you continued to spend your money on the wrong things, you would never be able to have anything nice again.

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celebrities who lost it all