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While most celebrities lose their edge, Glee hasnt lost all of its sparkle, and thats the point. You buy Nanas AlbumsWith her latest discovery, you decide you need to take advantage of the opportunity. You find the album and look at it, and youre not even really listening to it. You dont remember the last time youd looked at something that much in so long. You never would have thought you could remember anything of the colors, and yet here you are. Its not even mine, you say to yourself, trying to ignore the fact that youre holding something thats worth maybe half of what it should be worth. You take the album from you and put it in a bag and start looking through the rest of the house. Your mother hasnt left you alone for weeks. You find an old game console and a ton of games that you remember playing on that game. You play on this console for hours as you find something new to play with. You remember the sounds of the game too and you can even make your own music. You find the last page of the album and open it. You stare at the image of a woman with long strawberry blonde hair and red lips. You stare at the image for a long time and start to cry, feeling like youve lost everything. You stop at a place out and the only people you see are the homeless and people sleeping on the street. There are a few cars around, but only a few people are driving them. You notice that a lot of people are staring at you. You have youre own home with friends you know, its not like youre homeless here. The night passes and you try and get some sleep. The streets are very cold, so you leave your jacket on the ground nearby and head home. The first thought that comes to you is how youre going to get some money for food. The only thing you can think of is searching through the albums. You spend the day and the first part of the night looking through Nanas albums.

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celebrities who lost it all