Male Celebrities Who Have Aged Like Fine Wine…

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Re still not entirely sure yourself, so you head back to the table and have another glass of wine. A little later you try to talk to him about more serious things. How come so many of the actors I know seem to be turning into old men. S all of a sudden not only the older actors getting old, but the younger ones too. T even think they were going to be famous. The waiter looks over to the bar and then back to you and then takes a drink from his glass. Yeah, well its like any other career. Hmmm, well some do it better than others. M not really involved in it any more. I know all too well the challenges of doing film projects nowadays. S called The Man Who Fell to Earth and it was quite a success. Ve still waited a little longer in this industry, had my film not gotten made and just taken a little break here and there.

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