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When the makeup is off, Alex is still wearing a very cute and sexy outfit. Even if shes nude, you have to say that it is a very sexy outfit. The outfit is white, and in the style of the 80s, and not necessarily the 80s 1980s Alex isnt nude, but she does have a big smile on her face, which means shes happy with her outfit. It is, in fact, the kind of outfit you wouldnt mind wearing. You look at each other for a couple seconds, looking into each others eyes, then you kiss each other. Its a bit sloppy, but the kiss isnt exactly awkward. After the kiss, Alex quickly realizes that shes naked and you arent wearing a shirt, as shes already fallen asleep She takes a quick shower, before leaving. You lay in bed, thinking about where to go now. You cant exactly go straight out into the street, not to speak to your mother, of course. You can look at her, though, and theres a chance she might want to meet you for tea one day. You go back homeYou need to get away from your home for awhile. You cant really stay in your house all the time, or youll run out of steam. You need to do something different, to get your mind off your problems. You think of the clothes you picked out earlier today while youre out exploring. Maybe you could sew some of those on. If you can get away with it, you might even have some success with sewing. You might even learn to sew some new stitches, or recreate the pattern on some sort of pattern. Youre actually kind of excited to give it a try, given the new ideas youve been having lately. You cant remember if you ever learned to sew, or if you never really had the opportunity to practice, You decide to leave the house and explore the area. Youve been here a long time, so youre sure to run into something. Thats probably one of the reasons why youve been wandering around so much lately, because its been boring around here. You walk around outside, trying to not get distracted by the people, you can tell there are a lot of around. You look up to the sky and try to get a clear view of it. You need to get away from the city at least for a few minutes. Maybe you can even try to play that game, you always liked that game. After looking around for quite a while, you hear a distinct noise. It sounds like a huge truck has slammed into a tree. The loud sound is causing a lot of people to run outside to look.

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