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The next day you meet up with the rest at the hotel where you make some small talk with a few of the people. John and Donna are there with their kids and your relationship is confirmed. Not here, but were probably all over to get some sleep. Just need to get the ball rolling, now that things are getting back to the way they should be. You get to your room, just as Donna is closing the door. You walk into the room and shes on the bed with you. I think we both know where we stand. S already in your arms and just starts kissing you. S a short lovemaking session, but it lasts forever. You hold her in your arms and the two of you just listen to the sounds of the outside world. Ll enjoy those good times forever. The rest of the team is there for you when you leave. Everyone is happy for you and happy for one another. You leave the hotel that day feeling really good and safe. T make anything worse between her and you. You spend the rest of the week with Donna and the rest of the team. T spent a week so long enjoying your marriage. Ve done a great job all things considered. Ve hoped for and so much better than your previous job. You get a bonus for your hard work.

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