Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths …

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Are the people of Hollywood going to start dying from cancer. The people of Hollywood are going to need to make the tough decision as to whether they should stick around or leave the city. You leaveYou cant be a part of this anymore, you will only cause more harm to yourself. Besides, its not like you have any family here. You try to keep the same lifestyleYou think your lifestyle is good enough. You are a regular guy and your lifestyle is not going to be affected by some of these changes. Besides, its not like you will live in a basement that you share with any of the celebs. You take the subway out of LAYou need to get a different perspective. You head to the subway station and take the escalator down. After a few minutes, you arrive at the ground-level of the station. Once you get out of the train, you take the first elevator up to the 14th floor. While you are in the elevator, you notice a poster in the elevator that said Im not a drug addict just a depressed person in recovery. You take the poster down and look at it one last time before you board the elevator. You exit the elevator and finally are ready to leave the city. All is going well, but your reality has shifted. You try to get a jobYou walk to the nearest convenience store and ask to get some milk. A black man with a mustache and a beard comes to the counter. Hey Im not a drug addict just a depressed person in recovery. Well here, Ive got some milk in a carton. Buy a carton of milk and a carton of cream cheese. Im not sure yet, Im gonna be moving soon. Ok, alright Ill give you a carton of milk for this. You grab the carton of milk with your other hand, and run out of the store.

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