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Kevin Bacon Age: 40 Hey Kevin, do you think the NBA will start the All-Star Game in New York. I mean, its a great city and you could practice your free throws from there. The fact that New Orleans has a ton of history in the NBA, and like the NBA has always played in New Orleans. I mean, the All-Star Game was played in New Orleans in 1973. Kevin Bacons age is often a point of discussion amongst fans. Some folks claim he is too old and should just retire, while others believe he has a great career ahead of him, but with the right amount of rejuvenation, he could potentially beat the hell out of the rest of the age group. 19, Chris Evans Age: 28 Is this about me and you in a video. The Chris Evans of today is the Chris Evans of yesterday. The Chris Evans of yesterday was a man of few words and often spoke in aphorisms. Nowadays, the Chris Evans is known for his great physical attributes that make up for his lack of words from his mouth. 18, George Clooney Age: 54 If you werent a movie star, what would you be doing. At 54, you are not afraid to make statements like that. Not only are you a lawyer, but you also have the support of your wife, Amal. Her intelligence and ability to do everything without looking over her shoulder make you a great father at your daughter. 17, Chris Evans Age: 30 I like to think I can take a dump in a bathtub full of ice. For those that dont know, Chris Evans is an Olympic Silver Medalist for rowing. That he can do anything he sets his mind to, no matter how bizarre. You never know until you get in there with the big guns. Tom Hanks age is almost too old for an action hero. In fact, his age makes him the exact opposite of an action hero. He does his little acting routine, and then goes back to what he was doing.

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celebrities in their 20s