Livin Joys Janice Robinson worried X Factor was making fun of 50-year-old woman

X Factor: Janice Robinson performs iconic 90s dance hit

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Janice Robinson, 54, rose to fame in the 1990s with Livin’ Joy, with her song Dreamer still incredibly popular now. The singer has spoken exclusively to about her time on X Factor in 2018 and how “unexpected” the request to go on the show was.

I was asked to be unexpected.

Janice Robinson

Janice returned to the stage on the X Factor as a contestant, surprising the judging panel with the revelation that she was the voice and songwriter behind the hit Dreamer.

However, according to Janice this was no surprise as she was actually “invited” on the show as they wanted to tell her story 20 years after her hit single was released.

Recalling when she found out about the show, she told “They DMed [direct messaged] me on my Instagram, honey, somebody from Thames TV.

“I still got the message. Yeah, I was asked to be unexpected. They wanted to tell my story and that’s how it was presented to me.

“And in that moment, I thought, either this is going to be either they’re trying to make a fool of a 50-year-old woman, or they are or they want, you know, something shocking, that will make people watch, or they really genuinely want to tell my story.”

However, they did not tell the story Janice wanted them to, as she was going through an awful time at home in America.

She continued: “In the end, they didn’t tell my story. They only told a portion of my story.

“I was going through something very heartbreaking. And I remember I got the DM on May 24.

“And then on May 31, my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I did that audition 10 days after her brain surgery, which a lot of people don’t know.”

Janice also claimed she wasn’t voted off like viewers thought, but it was actually her decision to leave.

She continued: “I needed to go home. I knew that that had to happen because I had to get back home to my daughter.

“It wasn’t about votes, because I know people were shocked and gutted but no, I had to go home.” contacted representatives at ITV for comment, and they refused to comment at the time.

Janice then went on to compare talent shows to The Hunger Games movie series.

She added: “I know people love it, but entertainment, and all the competition for me, it becomes this Hunger Games.

“We’re all living in this Hunger Games type thing, all those talent competition shows because of the severity of how things end in the voting.

“I’m telling you it is like modern day Hunger Games. That’s just my opinion,” she said.

The Hunger Games trilogy follows a group of civilians who have to compete to the death in several challenges to the thrill of viewers.

Janice went on to claim that despite giving people a sense of “hope”, talent shows have a “dark side”.

She continued: “I think talent competition shows and reality shows are wonderful for the public to experience the making of someone, I think it gives people a sense of hope.

“It gives people a good feeling to see someone go from obscurity to some type of notoriety.

“But there is a dark side to that because in the spotlight you have to have a foundation within yourself, you need to have a sense of yourself.”

Janice is currently working on a documentary based on her lengthy career in the music industry.

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