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Youve been chatting with Charly and shes very chatty and willing to talk and even laugh a bit which makes you feel good. You continue chatting with Charly at length about anything that comes to mind and by the time your night is over you feel slightly better. Afterwards, you return to your room feeling refreshed and want to go to sleep. You open your room door and see Charly is sitting on your bed and you dont think anything of it since she didnt ask to come in. You start wondering though and you wonder if she went back to her room before you. You think about this and then think about it again and then you realize theres no logical reason to be on the doubt that she just went back to her room. Youre still unsure of all this so you ask her. You dont know if this is going to work or not, but you decide to at least ask her a few more questions. You continue to Ask QuestionsIll give you one minute to answer three and if you cant Im going to have to call the police on you. You wait a minute and then you decide to follow up with, Why didnt you tell me you went back to your room. Well, you didnt need to tell me, now that you confirmed it. What else do you want to tell me. I want to tell you that your sister is very beautiful. A smile forms on your face and you reply, I already know that. Her sister is pretty and were all very happy for her. You feel a flutter of emotion in you and you say softly, I love you too. Charity finally breaks down and gives you a big hug when she says, I love you too. She then hugs you a bit tighter this time but not nearly as much. You then kiss her and embrace her.

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