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No one ever deserves to die in vain. This is the point at which the Listner gets very, very quiet.

This article is included in the article list for this week in which the articles are for the next week and then the week after that. The new guy in the room is a dark-skinned kid, in one hand a revolver and in the other a clipboard. I dont think its gonna be necessary, he says. Well, if you want to help me, then yes, I cant imagine it wouldnt be helpful. That said, I dont think that helping you is going to help me out, so I think it would be a waste of my time. As much as youd like to argue, it seems like a waste of your time to argue with your date, so you decide to be honest. I mean, if I get kidnapped and I have to make a decision and I need a reason for why I wasnt taken to the camp, Ill be able to tell him my entire story, and itd be a good one. Its going to be easier now that I know youre not going to kill me, as soon as Im finished, you can call security or something. The guy heads back to his office while you continue to chat with the guy, and he gives you the address to the camp to check out. It takes a while, but eventually he comes back with a man who he thinks is the right guy to talk to. Alright, this is probably going to be tricky, you say, holding in your voice. Itll be fine, no problem, he says, It should be pretty easy to get access to the camp. I want you to meet me there and I want you to be quiet. The man leads you to the door to the building, and gives it a lock and a code. After a few attempts, the lock clicks and a bolt locks and you open the door. You find yourself in a dark, empty hallway.

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