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Novelty challenge list for this one is very interesting and worth while. The history of famous people in 1932 is quite interesting and worth while. For more about famous people in this fun challenge, we recommend this page. In my example it lists the birth dates and a few other things about the celebrity in an amusing fashion. In the sidebar of this page, you will find a Top 500 Famous People list of famous people born in any year of the year. You may copy this list by pressing the copy button with your right mouse button. Top 500 Famous People with Birth Years of No More Than 45Year No. Name1932 John Dillinger1932 Charles Bronson1932 Charles Lindbergh1932 Fredric March1932 Jack the Ripper1932 Mary Pickford1932 Mae West1932 Mark Twain1932 Mae West1932 Humphrey Bogart1932 Mae West1932 Tom Mix1932 Humphrey1932 James Cagney1932 Jane Fonda1932 William Holden1932 Jean Harlow1932 Jane Russell1932 Richard Burton1932 Edward G. Robinson1932 Marilyn Monroe1932 Jane Russell1933 Charles Bronson1933 Jack the Ripper1933 Fredric March1933 Mary Pickford1933 Mae West1933 Johnnie Scott1933 Jean Harlow1933 Jean Harlow1933 Mary Pickford1933 Thomas Mitchell1933 John Wayne1934 Tom Mix1934 Tom Mix1935 Tom Mix1936 Mary Pickford1936 Mae West1936 Jane Russell1936 Joan Crawford1936 Jane Russell1937 Jean Harlow1937 Mary Pickford1937 Jean Harlow1937 Jane Russell1937 Thomas Mitchell1937 John Wayne1938 John Wayne1939 Robert Mitchum1939 Robert Mitchum1940 Jane Russell1940 Catherine Deneuve1940 Jane Russell1940 Jane Russell1941 Jean Harlow1941 Jean Harlow.

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