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ShowPart 2 You Celebrities from New Jersey You decide to look through a few of the pictures of celebrities from New Jersey and in doing so get the impression that these celebrities are from New Jersey. You search the internet for some of the famous people from New Jersey and these are some of the results you get:Groucho MarxEddie MurphyEddie Murphys wife EdithBob DoleMarlon BrandoMarlon Brandos wife SandraPeter LawfordBrent BriscoeJohn TravoltaJeffrey WrightBrent Briscoes wifeBrent Briscoes wifeBrent Briscoes wifeJohn Travoltas wifeMichael DouglasMike DornanMichael Douglas second wifeMichael Douglas second wifeMichael DouglasJohn TravoltaDavid NivenDavid Nivens wifeDavid Nivens wifeDavid Nivens wifeRuth NeggaRuth Neggas sonKathleen TurnerLars UlrichBrent BriscoeMary Tyler MooreYou are thinking What a crazy set of celebrities. You noYou decide not to look through some of the celebrities because you have no idea who is the celebrity listed there. You the Briscoes You look through some of the photos of New Jersey celebrities and find that these are the famous characters from the Briscoe family. Brent Briscoe is a TV producer living in New Jersey.

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