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The list of personalitiesis notcomplete andtherecould be many more. You try to add something on your ownYou think your idea is good, you decide to add something. You take a pen in your hand and draw a circle around Philadelphia somewhere on your own body, and a line from the inside of your elbow to the outside of your wrist, then you put the pen back to your chest. Ve failed, or at least come up a bit short. You hear an aged, deep, yet soothing voice say. So what did your idea actually mean. A bright light illuminates your entire body, and the last thing you feel is a burning sensation in your mouth. T know where you were or where you were going when this happened. Are you here to tell me the truth or a lie. Re no better than the criminals and pedophiles who prey on our city. T here to experience the joys of freedom and the pleasures of the flesh, they were here to hurt others.

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celebrities from philadelphia