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You are shocked when you find that the majority of Hollywood conservatives are actors, producers, writers and directors. T expect that the majority of the movie stars would be conservative, but a majority of them are in fact, making a large number of these famous, conservative movie stars exceptions to the rule. Re even more shocked when you find that there is a significant amount of Republican celebrities in this list. S the deal with Hollywood conservatives and Hollywood liberals. T come across a conservative in this field that was actively working against the Republican Party. Of course this raises a couple of questions, why are there so many Hollywood conservatives and why are they so vocal about their loyalty to the Republican Party. Actually do in this industry, you might as well start right now. You take the list and start putting names to the conservative Hollywood stars. T give a shit about politics, being Republicans or not. A few years pass and you write down all the names one by one, with as much detail as you can. You also add their political views to the list in the same column. You try to keep this list up to date, especially with recent names and any political differences. Time passes and your list of conservative Hollywood stars becomes increasingly long. D ever see, but you keep going. This process continues for a bit, and you start to notice one thing. Re actually starting to like writing down your Hollywood conservatives. You also find that these names are far more numerous than all the others combined. When you see a name or a face for the first time, you sometimes have a slight feeling, a sense of wonder.

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list of conservative celebrities