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T know the answerPets: No answerAny Other CommentsConcerns: Her mother has a very strong chin. S so pretty, so innocent, so innocent. The pictures of her at that age are so innocent and pretty. The first thing to notice are how perfect her face is, how all her features are just so. She looks so pretty in the pictures and looks so pretty in real life. T wait to tell her her picture is on the way. The next thing to notice is how big her eyes are and how white her teeth are. They say her mom had a very strong chin. S probably very pretty in real life. The two black dots that are her front teeth, the top one is rotten and the bottom one is missing. T been opened since the mouth tells her what she is. This one is of her in the front and you can see the tears running down her cheeks and the tears are from happiness to see her mother. S so happy to see her mother. This is of her in the back and your notice her eyes looking down and not at you. This is of her taking a deep breath and looking at you. And so it is with a little trepidation you open this picture. S her face when she was three, the same one you had taken at the time of the first picture. You remember how pleased you were to see.

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celebrities who had twins