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Gucci: The Italian DesignerGucci: The Italian designer of Italian designer clothing. And were back to the Italian Mafia, Gucci is a brand that is predominantly owned by the Italian super-mob. They make clothing and accessories for every occasion. This company started in 1921 with the desire to develop the very finest in new and original fashion clothes and is a big player in the designer retail world and fashion world in general. They have quite a rich heritage in the world of fashion and have been around since the 1920s. Their clothing is either all made on the premises in Italy, Guccis Italiana label, or made in China, Vietnam, and Morocco. The brand as a whole is quite expensive to make and the whole company is heavily financialized and therefor has never really been in danger of falling into financial trouble. As such, their merchandise continues to be very durable and they enjoy a massive marketing budget to promote the brand. The main Gucci Store is located in New York City and opened in 2002. 3The brand is also the brand of Yara Shahidi who is a female Egyptian singer and model.

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