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Raine Rates Your Comments at Playboy, Which You May Receive At Rates at Playboy. At Rates at Playboy At Playboy At Rates at Playboy Playboy At Rates At PlayboyAt PlayboyRates At Playboy. If you are not a reader, read Playboy Online free at Playboy-Online,you will be redirected to this page after the trial period. Return to top of the PageIf you are a Reader, please use Google to identify yourself before making any contact with us. A new poll is suggesting that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are about equally disliked by the population. A poll from Bloomberg News and the New York Times released Wednesday afternoon shows Clinton has 45 percent of support, compared to 41 percent for Trump. Former neurosurgeon Ben Carson took 1 percent support. Clintons favorable rating was 41 percent, while Trumps was 39 percent with a favorable rating of just 35 percent overall. This is the most disliked major party president since World War II and the lowest rating for a president at this point in his term since President Jimmy Carters job approval rating fell below 50 percent. The poll comes as Trump and aides face the most serious crisis of his young presidency, as a series of revelations about his ties to Russia have forced the White House into crisis. The poll of 1,000 likely voters was taken between July 29 and August 2, with a margin of error of 2. This Clyp is:has been deletedby Tc-5 OfficialTc-5 – Get It, feat. Tamra Keenan, Dont forget to share this Clyp with your friends. They can vote directly on this page or on the submissions page.

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list of celebrities in playboy