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And now, you just stand there in silence as you both ponder how you two got into a life like this. S been a lot less scary this past week. D always heard stories before about all this. T even believe were actually happening. S not just something you read or heard about. Re starting to wonder if something is going to come of this. If this group of people on TV and in books really are what is holding the world together. Do we really need to talk about this right now. Instead you sit beside her quietly on the couch and just let the words pour out of her. T just me being a closet liberal. Ve probably said it before; we have to kill him now. S also a frightening thought, because she is starting to understand it. You briefly consider her statement, and then nod. Ve been keeping a low profile, I thought you would want to, but I guess you want to be safe. T help but think back on the things GKV has said to you. How he has talked about your mother as if she deserved exactly what she got just for being with you.

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