Lindsey Vonn Claps Back At Body Shamers, I Have Cellulite, So What!?

Lindsey Vonn is a world-class athlete who’s in better shape than 99.9% of all people on the planet … but she still has to deal with body-shaming, scumbag trolls.

The 36-year-old Olympian says she’s been getting some serious hate about her body from some super mean people on social media — and Friday, she decided to expose some of these losers and fire back.

Some idiot called her a “fat ass.” Another said she has “fat knees.”

Vonn posted the hateful messages on her IG — and admits some of the comments have hurt her feelings.

“Even as an athlete there are ruthless comments and media stories that tear apart my body and I admit it sometimes hurts me,” Vonn says.

Vonn goes on to explain why she’s PROUD of her body — and nobody should feel ashamed of the way they look.

“I’m a normal person and sometimes I slouch, my stomach folds over, my cellulite shows on my butt, or I don’t fill out my swimsuit top just right … But, I always remember how my body has helped me achieve amazing things in my life and I am proud of how strong I am.”

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Vonn says she’s not a size zero — “and that’s perfectly fine with me.”

She also vows to never Photoshop any of her pics because it reinforces a standard of beauty that’s just not realistic for most people.

“One thing I can promise all of you is that I never Photoshop my photos and am proud to officially never had any plastic surgery of any kind. No Botox, no fillers, no mini surgeries. Literally nothing.”

“I am 100% natural and 100% Lindsey. So to anyone who is feeling self conscious or down about their appearance; stay strong, stay healthy and love yourself no matter what the haters say.”

Big facts.

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