Lily Collins Paired Her Brand-New Bangs With a Very 'Emily In Paris' Top

Lily Collins may have faked out fans with a short blonde wig earlier this month, but her latest hair transformation is very, very real. In a new post to her Instagram feed, Collins showed off a new set of bangs, ditching her signature dark middle part for face-framing wispy strands and a full set of eyebrow-grazing fringe. 

The new hairstyle comes just in time for Emily in Paris season 2 on Dec. 22, which may have something to do with the very French, Breton-stripe cold-shoulder top she wore for the new reveal.

"Fresh bangs for my sweetheart," stylist Gregory Russell shared on his Instagram. On her own post, Collins wrote, "New bangs, old habits," and "Yup, they're real."

She pulled the rest of her hair into a low bun for this specific style, though there's no mention of whether or not the bangs will stick around for the possibility of a third season for Emily in Paris.

Collins had bangs back in 2016, though that move was revealed to be a styling trick and not an actual chop. She tried to trick her fans again in 2017, when she wore a wig with mini bangs to the Met Gala, going goth that time around in a full 180 from her new cheerful, Francophile fringe.

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