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Youre a musicianYou have no idea what kind of music you play, but you do know that you like it. You havent gotten too much of a career going yet, though you think you might have something when you go out on stage with the rest of the boys here. You head up to the stage and get in line for the next performer. You feel a bit odd sitting in that big old rocking chair that they all sit in, but you dont care. You know your music and youre ready for this. You are in for a show you wont soon forget. It means everything to you and it means nothing at all to others. It takes you a bit longer to get to the hotel from the place where you have your residence, but when you get there, you are in a big, old, worn down building. Its so bad that nobody goes in or out, not even the security. At least, nobody who looks like you and your friend. The outside isnt bad, in fact its not bad at all. You can drive anywhere just fine, so the only time youd get a speeding ticket here would be if the city actually got that out of hand. Of course, you arent really worried about that right now. You cant believe that you remember going to school here. Anyway, it doesnt look like its much better now. When you get to the lobby, you see that its open and you see some people going in and out. You walk right up to the front desk and ask the woman there if she knows where the rooms are. She is a middle aged woman, probably in her fifties at most, with a clipboard in her hand like everyone else who works here. You guess youll have to speak with her in private to find out. You ask her your name and then her name as well. You try not to sound too nervous, but then you cant help it. This is your first time ever actually going to New Orleans. Ive never seen anything like this before. Yeah, weve had some problems with the electricity in the building recently, so some people have been leaving their rooms unused for a while now. Its one of the oldest parts of the city, and itll always be one of the older, but you cant really blame these people too much. Theyre just trying to make a living as best they can to stay in the.

This article about Celebrities who live in new orleans

celebrities who live in new orleans