Like so many other smelly celebrities, actress Cameron Diaz is allegedly …

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You stop before you can open your mouth again, the feeling on your face a mixture of both fear and disgust. The man turns his head, and his face suddenly changes from confusion to a very displeased face. He asks, I dont want you to get the wrong idea about my place of business. That isnt my place of business; I just want to see Cameron Diaz at my friends house. You say, What if she doesnt even know she knows me, and the girl with dark circles under her eyes wants to see me anyway. You let him goI see, he says, but Im afraid we cant give you your picture, because we dont sell the sort of things that you want in pictures. He walks quickly to his vehicle, as you sit down on the curb. You watch as he slams the door in your face, and drives away. Your heart sinks as you sit there with just a blank expression on your face. You lean back against the curb; a cold sweat drips down your body. You wonder if you should ask the man how youre going to get home, but he probably wouldnt want to help you. You sit there under the cold winter air, wondering what the hell you should do. You look for helpYou stand up, and then walk over to a trash bin beside the man and lean against it, and look up at him as his vehicle drives by. You look at him, and notice that his facial expression has changed from one of confusion to one of anger. Dont you drive drunk out there. I am not out here being a jerk to you. Its not my fault you werent respectful, he says. Its not too late to do something about this, you say. We cant give you that bottle of deodorant. He says, I am in charge of this place, not you. We need to figure out where to go from here, he says. You say, If only he hadnt told me to go find a girl to help him out. So, you want to go back to that bar across the street that doesnt have the deodorant.

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