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Piper Doolittle, Black Outfit, Cardboard Cutout. Edwin Fisher, Brown Silk, Cardboard, Cardboard, Cardboard, Cardboard. Sparks Stirk, Blue, Cardboard, Cardboard, Cardboard, Cardboard.

Geraldine Kane, Red Suit, Cardboard Cutout. A large monitor hangs above the group, showing a large TV screen, showing you the world around you. Behind you, you hear the sound of hooves coming toward you. You turn around slowly, seeing a familiar man holding a cane. The man looks shocked for a moment, before grinning at you. Well, my mother and father were killed by a drug lord, and I had to survive. A pretty young girl meets an older man who takes her in, gives her everything she needs and she can become a drug dealer and. You shout backSuddenly, you feel a sharp pain in your arm. The man pulls you forward and punches you hard in the face. Your head slams into the ground, and a loud clap is heard. A good liar can lie without looking like it. As the pain fades, you notice a small hole in your side. You look down, see three tiny slashes on your side and the blood begins to drain out of your side. You look up, seeing a large, orange cat crouching by your side.

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lifesize cardboard cutouts celebrities