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In all seriousness though, you actually are interested in your life size cardboard cutout of a celebrity. S like or how it feels to experience the thing itself. However, you do have a memory to draw upon and this ghostly image of that celebrity does seem to have memories of having once been a living person. S worth, you do have a few dreams of your former life of some type. S certainly not like anything you ever wanted to go through in your waking life. You knew nothing about almost everything that happened and had to do whatever the hell a manager was telling you. T paid to perform sex acts on rich guys. Most of the time, you were just doing the job and doing it well, though it was only because you were performing. S a whole lot more powerful than the average small business you did this for. You have a large amount of money and power, which means you have a small amount of responsibility, at least as far as the company is concerned. T really include much in the way of luxury. The other thing you have is a whole lot of time for self-absorption. You go on the company retreats, you go on trips, you go on charity events, you go on fun vacations with your friends. You do take a lot of time with your family though You often have a good time and you never fail to have a smile on your face when people see you. Ve never really given much thought to why you were ever human. Re pretty sure you were a guy in a dress in a lab coat and a coat hanger.

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life size cutouts of celebrities