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As you type, a series of numbers appear at the bottom, each ranging from a low of five to eight. The day ends with the following:Libra Rising: 8:45 PMThe next morning, you wake up to the sound of a knock on your door. You do know that hes the president, though. You go over to answer the doorYou grab your keys and open the door. A man stands there, dressed in black overalls, with a big shotgun in hand. He has a tattoo of a red hand gripping a rifle on his upper left arm. He wears black slouch hat, a black jacket with a collar and a leather belt. The man with the shotgun points the shotgun at you, not pointing it at you at all, but pointing it at some object he was holding earlier: a notebook. Are you the one who fell asleep two nights ago. This question seems directed toward you, which you cant help but laugh aboutWell, you know youre the boss, so I guess Id better check your book for bad information, you reply. I bet shell be upset to see me now. Youve never told me who you were. I should have known who you were after seeing you at the bar. And Ill be sure to tell your new employee about her soon. After all, you still havent told her who.

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libra rising celebrities