Liam Neeson forced to deny affair with walking partner

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Liam Neeson, 70, has stayed in fighting shape since his iconic Taken days despite avoiding the gym, with the actor revealing his exercise secret is down to power walking. In fact, the Oscar-nominated actor has been so invested in this form of fitness that after over a decade of exercising with his walking partner, he had to explain to her husband just what they had been up to.

Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, Liam explained that a brief 35 minutes of “power walking” every day is enough to keep the actor in shape.

The Non-Stop star admitted he’s “not a gym rat” and that living in the New York landscape means a speedy walk with some scenery is far more appealing.

He explained that over the last 16 years, he’s had a permanent walking partner on his adventures, a “lovely lady” by the name of Amy.

However, Liam only met Amy’s husband recently at a premiere “of a movie of mine”.

He took the opportunity to clear up his and Amy’s daily adventures together so took her husband to one side.

He shared: “I saw him and said, ‘Jay, I have to tell you right now: Amy and I are not having an affair.

“‘All we do is walk around the park’.”

The actor is now celebrating an incredible milestone – the release of his 100th film, crime thriller Marlowe.

Liam, however, pointed out that if his few documentary appearances are included, Marlowe is actually his 103rd film.

Surprisingly, the 70-year-old is still doing many of his own fights in film and television but admitted stunts is somewhat out of his realm of expertise.

Speaking to LADbible Ireland, Liam declared: “Stunts I regard falling over a table or coming through a window.

“On fighting, I love doing that myself. I’m only 70.”

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With over 100 films under his belt, and more on the horizon, the actor can still pinpoint the handful of roles that didn’t sit right with him.

Liam highlighted 2018 crime thriller Widows, saying: “I was miscast. Absolutely.”

Although the star was also quick to lay a compliment on his co-stars, namedropping Viola Davis and Brian Tyree Henry, branding them “brilliant”.

The Hollywood icon first got his start in acting in 1976 when he joined the Lyric Players’ Theatre in Belfast at the age of 24.

Prior to this, however, the actor had an entirely different career which enjoyed almost just as much as his time on stage.

He recalled his years as a forklift operator and lorry driver at Guinness shortly after graduating university.

Telling LADbible Ireland, Liam shared: “It was a great job actually.

“My job was when the cases of Guinness came down, someone was stacking them on a palette, once they were stacked my forks would go in and lift them.

“Either load the lorry or stack them where they needed to be.”

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