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As you, re worried you might actually kill someone with this line of thinking. You live happily ever afterThe idea still scares you, but you think that maybe you should at least make an effort to come out as GLBT and gay, with as little drama as possible. S not going to be a perfect person so you need to try. Ve got this girlfriend, you need to try to win her heart and thats the way life is going to be. You figure maybe you should go for it. You go back into the basement, and start to look through your bedroom closet. You pull out the clothes that you wear to school. You pull on a tank top that has heart symbols on it, and your gym shorts. You pull out a pair of black pants, and put them on. You also grab a pair of black shoes, and put them on. You walk to the local convenience store, and take out your phone. You search for a barista who sells caffeinated beverages. Re certain that you need to do that to make a move on her. After searching your phone, you look for a lesbian bar. Re not sure whether you should go there or a gay bar. What gives to get some place to take a lesbian girl. Re going to think about coming out as gay. You spend a couple of hours in the bathroom, thinking about coming out of the bathroom. A couple of times you have the urge to go into the girls bathroom, but then.

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